Meet the Team

Scott Brazdo MBA LREA


Scott is our Co-Founder and REALTOR® that helped start it all. Scott owns one of the leading Marketing Agencies in Central Florida since 2010 and has always had a passion and love for marketing. He attended Stetson University in Deland, Florida where he received his BBA in Marketing, followed by his MBA in Marketing a few years later.

After being hired by many of the top builders and real estate agents in Central Florida by his marketing agency, Scott realized that there was an incredible opportunity in the real estate market to stand out with extraordinary marketing. Scott has brought over 25 years of marketing and advertising experience to the real estate market, helping his listings to stand out amongst a sea of competition.

Kami Brazdo


Kami is our co-founder and REALTOR® who started it all. Kami is a sales and marketing guru with over 12 years of sales leadership experience. She has led teams of over 100+ employees to reach seemingly unobtainable goals all while making it look easy.

Her leadership and training helps motivate and encourage team members to help them far exceed their goals and enhance their careers.